Investigation & Verification


Investigation & Verification

We undertake investigation and verification services for business houses, corporates, legal firms, chartered accountancy firms and individuals. Backgrounds checks for potential employees and find information on unscrupulous competitors, deceptive customers or dishonest partners. Our experts from police forces, investigation agencies and security firms have vast experience in discreet investigation. We also aid in investigating theft, pilferage, sabotage, etc. within the organisation. We train our security personnel to investigate and locate unscrupulous employees.

Our services include, among others:

Educational Checks & Reference/ Professional Verification

We verify the education and professional credentials of current or potential employees and eliminate those with fake professional qualifications, references and degrees.

Criminal Check

We determine whether a candidate has any criminal background that they have not disclosed in their resume. These types of checks are especially critical for industries that deal with precious items or confidential information.

Family Background Verification

In some instances, our clients require background checks to be done on the family of an individual for purposes that range from personal to purely professional.

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