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Security Dog Handling

Provides as an unrivalled deterrent and an answer to protecting larger areas

Professional Security Guards

Professionally trained Security Guards for all your security needs

Protecting Your World

Making you feel secure with our trained guards

Integrated Facility Managements

One Stop Solutions Provider for all Facility Management Needs

Your World Is More Secure With Us


The quality that is most associated with dogs is their extraordinary sense of smell, which is very useful to the security industry. Another advantage of Rock group is their ability to deter crime and violence. Statistics show that a security officer with a Rock Group companion is more likely to deter crime than two armed security officers. Professional, well-trained Rock Group create a stronger perception of high-level security by their mere presence.

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Rock Intelligence & Securities P Ltd. offers tailor-made security solutions for celebrities, VIPs senior management and premises such as office building: banks, factories, industrial comple. restaurants, clubs, hotels and residential societies, among others.

We conduct extensive training sessions to hone the skills of our employees- making them highly cognizant and adept in handling daily situations as well as crisis with equanimity, tact and discretion.

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