Events & Executive Protection


Events & Executive Protection

Rock Group provides end-to-end security solutions for events and executives. Our personnel come from the armed forces and elite security agencies, trained in crowd management and the latest security protocols. Each applicant is assessed for discipline, integrity, ethics, discretion, diplomacy and professionalism. Only those that meet our stringent guidelines are assigned to executive protection.

Event Protection

Our services include parking management, ticketing, queue management, admission, crowd control and VIP security cover. We conduct manual checks of grounds, perimeter guarding, control-room based CCTV coverage and regular venue checks. Our services are customised for various occasions - from small elite gatherings to large public occasions such as sports matches.

Executive Protection

Our personnel security includes security for executives, VIPs and celebrities. Our experts are trained in close combat skills and use of small firearms. They are well-groomed and fully conversant with the latest security measures and legal procedures. We understand that the needs of important people change quickly according to local or regional geopolitical or socio-economic factors, and can adapt swiftly to these changing requirements.

Comprehensive Event and Executive Protection

We offer integrated solutions for protection of executives and VIPs at private and public events. We oversee arrival, appearance and departure of important people. Such events are planned down to the last detail accounting for any exigency to prevent any incident.

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